享躍國際股份有限公司, 總經理David Lee從事葡萄酒行業超過20年以上的經驗,具備著相當豐富的葡萄酒產品專業知識及市場行銷相關經驗;公司行銷宗旨在引進各國重要產區的知名及優質酒款,所有代理酒款均經過多次品試與參考國外重要媒體評比之嚴格篩選,以期提供客戶最好及多樣的選擇,儘享來自各國不同風味的高品質佳釀。 

The General manager, David Lee, is devoted to the professional wine field over 20 years. With the abundant product management and market sales experiences, we import several superior qualified wineries’ products from different countries. As providing the best and various wines for Taiwan market, choosing excellent quality and highly recommended wines in international presses and issues is our first priority mission.


項目 Our Service 


We import exclusively high quality wineries from all over the world and operate brands development sales with abundance marketing strategy. Open market wines and very top rare wines is also our service.


理念 Philosophy 

我們專注做好 進口優質葡萄酒、滿足顧客需求、推廣葡萄酒文化。


As the role of professional importer, we dedicate to import wines from entry level to top luxury nectars, to satisfy different needs of customers. We also devote our attention to popularize the profound culture of wines.